Reality & Request

โ€‹Dear bloggers ;

Do not nominate me again ; please ; for any type of challenges…I hate these type of repeating challenges ; it’s not only way to keep running our blog ; create something and keep urself in the compitition.

Not rude , but frustrated , still believe in what in ur heart , on ur tongue.

And sorry for vocabulary.;not good in english (but amazing in express feelings)

thank you so much ๐Ÿ™

Do not like it if you are not agree ( it’s not facebook )

Love From

The insiderยฉ


24 thoughts on “Reality & Request

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  1. Put THIS up on your main page… where people approach you first …your ABOUT page in BOLD letters… that way everyone will know NOT to nominate YOU in future. Also make this your TAG LINE. A pity I nominated you… amendment shall be made. Don’t actually need to follow sour people like you around. Mistake amended.

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      1. Hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ kuch nahi main tension me tha , mood sahi nahi tha or tabhi mere recent post me comment aaya ki mene apko nominate kiya hai esa kuch tha , mene likh diya waha jaha mujhe nominate kiya tha ki , koi jarurat nahi hai mujhe nominate karne ki , followers ese nahi badhte , kuch dhang ka likho to followers apne aap badhenge…

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      2. But behaviour bhi ek cheez hoti haina. Wo challenge is not related to increasing followers in any way. Maine hi chaar baar kiya hai, koi followers nai badhte usse. It’s just for fun na. I still feel aapko politely bolna chaiye tha. :/

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