“Dressed up in a shimmering purple coat, head covered with an old long and tall hat, a vermillion colored handkerchief in one pocket of the coat and some paper in the other pocket, neck covered in a pricey scarf and a cigar between the fingers of other hand”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I am not what you are thinking, I am that who you will remember for the rest of your life.”

“They aren’t coming behind you now and after I pull my hand back from over your mouth, thnak me

instead of shouting loud.” he said and retracted his hand

And I got away from him in a flash, I looked back only to see no one there, even that balloon selling boy

was nowhere to be seen.

“Who are you?” I asked him while looking at him from tip to toe

“First, thank me.” he replied while putting that cigar in his mouth

Really, I should have thanked him because if this odd looking man hadn’t come..

“Thinking is good but thinking without without any reason is really bad” he said exhaling the smoke of

cigar into the air

“Ok, Thank you. Atleast, now tell me that who are you?” I asked hurrriedly

“I am this smoke. When you start crying while laughing, Those twinkling stars in the dark night, When

flowing river merges with the sea, When soul gets released from the body to reside in the almighty, I am

that. I am the magic.” he replied in a filmy manner with style while looking at his cigar

“I didn’t get it.” I said raising my eyebrows

“I’m a magician.” he said and started looking at the vermillion colored handkerchief

“Take it out.” he added

“Wow, You are gonna show me some magic trick?” I asked with amazement and enthusiasm

His half face was in dark because of the shadow casted by his tall hat. Only sometimes, I got to see his white eyes. Age unknown. Maybe 45-55 years old. Taller than 6ft for sure. He gave the aura of a famous magician.

I took out the handkerchief. I was just thinking about what kind of magic trick is this and right there just

before my eyes, my handbag fell on the floor with a bang.

He was smiling as i looked at his face.

“Where did this come from? I had told Niyati to keep this in club’s locker. No. I can’t believe this. It’s

impossible.” I said keeping my hand on my mouth while going two steps back in astonishment

“It was with you only. When you sat down to play with that dog (#1), It fell down from your shoulder. I was standing in your proximity. I took it from there.” he replied taking two puff with peace

“Probably. Otherwise, I wasn’t going to believe on your magic.” I said giving a smart look

Most probably, my words irked him. He told me to throw the handkerchief on the ground with a force. I

did the same. The handkerchief was full of dust. It seemed like it was in his pocket for a long time.

“Now.” I asked with a patient look

“Pick the handkerchief if you want to.” he said as he went to a nearby peepal tree and stood against it

I was frightened but i also wanted to know what was going to come out from below this vermillion

handkerchief. I went near it with slow pace and the moment I bent down to pick it up that same lovely pug which i met sometime earlier came out from under that handkerchief near my feet. It started biting my sandal.

I looked at that magician who was standing against the tree with wide eyes. He was staring something across the road.

“Hello, it’s that same pug which…” I said in a loud voice

“It’s your rude aunty’s. And what’s a pug, its a dog and keep it away. I don’t like dogs.” he said cutting my talk in between

“But it will go away. If it goes on road, then?” I asked loving the dog .

“It won’t go anywhere. Make it sit on that handkerchief.” he said pointing towards the handkerchief with his cigar

I placed the pug on the handkerchief and while going towards the magician asked

“How did you do that?”

But he was still staring something on the other side of the road. I followed his view and saw a huge

board. It had “Magician Aasif” written on it and had the same picture printed on it just like he was standing against the tree right now.

“Oh, So it’s you.” I said pointing towards the hoarding and he smiled a bit

” Where did you buy this?” he asked looking at my wrist watch

“Just yesterday from mall. Isn’t it nice?” I said as I had become comfortable by now

“I want this watch.” he said taking out a red paper from his pocket and handed it over to me

“Wow! Your show’s ticket but I need three more for my friends also.” I requested

“Nope, This ticket for this watch.” he said putting his cigar between his teeth and showed my watch “What? My watch?” I looked at my wrist at once

“Oh, God! When? How? within one second, You?” I again said trying to look into his eyes

“I have to go. You too go. It’s quite late now and next time whenever you go out, keep your phone with

you.” he said adjusting his long hat and added “I won’t be able to come everytime to give you phone and

pepper spray.”

He gave me my phone.

“It’s mine. Niyati must have kept it in locker. How did you?”

And before i could complete my question, he said ” Your friends are here.”

The moment I turned around, Mayank was standing behind me.

“Where were you? Who were you talking with? he asked in amazement

“You too meet him. He’s amazing.” I said and turned around saying “He’s my friend, Mayank”

But he was already gone. How could someone vanish so quick on an empty road. I blabbered to Mayank

as he looked me at puzzled.

And there came Niyati and Mayank too.

“Madam’s here. We searched you everywhere. I had kept both your phone and handbag in the locker

but someone took them without even opening the locker. The second key must be with someone from

club’s staff.”

I stopped Niyati in between and said

“Calm down, Niyati. Phone’s and handbag’s with me. See that pug. The magician gave it to me.”

I showed her my handbag and phone. Then, I pointed towards that pug.

“Which magician? Do you what time time it is? From when we are searching you?” Mayank asked angrily

“What’s the time?” I asked

“It’s two and only because of searching you. Have you looked at your watch?”

“Oh,I had given my watch to that magician.” I said

“Which magician?” All three shouted in one voice

I turned around and pointed towards that hoarding but there was nothing.

Suddenly, a thought came and I searched for the ticket which I had kept in my handbag with care. I took

it out and handed it over to Niyati”This ticket is for his tomorrow’s show.” I said

“Is it a joke? This ticket’s an yer old.” Niyati said shouting after looking the ticket closely

I went to that pug hurriedly and picked it up in my arms to show them that handkerchief.

“See, It’s his handkerchief.” I said but they ignored my words and started playing with that pug

“Where did that big hoarding vanished? That magician, ticket was also old.” I said to myself

I felt a strange fear. With whom did I spent my 3 hours? Who was he?

(horn beeping)

“You three come here.” Abhay said as he had brought the car


Present day (January 13, 2015)

There he is, under that tree. That tree had dried up but after aasif reached its roots, it rejuvenated with

greenery and chirping birds. Two or three girls have already came here.

“Who gave you here’s address?” the old man asked

“I had called the number written on it.” I said while handing him that ticket and added

“Aasif’s wife had picked up the call and she told how some men killed him while trying to rape their


I kept saying in my own tone and that old man took out something from his bag. He moved his hand

towards me.

“This would be yours.” he said

“Yes, had bought it just two days ago from the city. My watch.”

Thank you Aasif for saving me last night.

Translation credits to Mr.puneet ( writer’s blog )

Written by

Kuldeep choudhary

The Insider ©

All Rights Reserved®


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  1. Mind boggling.
    Loved the creative narration of such an important issue.
    Ending was completely unexpected. Actually I was unable to think of anything, for the plot and story you created was extremely mysterious and intriguing. ❤
    Kudos! 🙂

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