My Crush 👰

​The whole college campus was preparing for annual function and everyone was excited.

We also had a group of 4 best friends and my next task was to find my crush as all other friends had gf and I always ended up having a crush.

We reached at the backside of auditorium where food was being prepared.


I just saw her , she was looking tensed perhaps due to some reason.

she walked towards me


with a red angry face asked me

 ” Why do you keep sending friend requests to me ? ”

The world seemed to have ended in front of me.

I was not in my senses.

I just looked to see my friend is there and surprisingly I found myself alone.

( or tab Bus meri jaban chali ;baki sab hawa pani band ho chuka tha us waqt ke liye )

Slowly I whispered in her ears..

I had sent friend request just one time but you didnt accept it again and again .


Today she is in relationship with a boy of my campus and she is living “single” happily..( unhe sath dekh ke to yahi lagta hai ) 😋

Perhaps she doesnlike quick witted boys .😂😉😄



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